Painting Workshop at the Arts at Albion
                                  I will be teaching a workshop in Acrylics on Sept 19, 2015
"Painting the Muskoka Landscape"  Contact me at for more information. 

Brian Atyeo

In May I was fortunate to be able to participate in a workshop by Brian Atyeo. It was a wonderful week and a lot of fun because of the great friends who I shared the experience with. Carole, Joan, Susan, and Ellen. What did I learn? Have confidence to speak your own voice; creative painting is how you respond to the subject; there is no right or wrong; focus on intent not content. Let the paint dictate the picture and AMAZE yourself!

I finished 4 paintings and then on the final day, I was working on a flower picture (feeling pretty satisfied with where I was going). Next thing I knew Brian picked it up and put on some final touches. We were all amazed with the result. What do you think?

Blue Shadow (by Brian and Pat)

Texas Visual Arts Studio

I love the classes I teach in Texas - The students are great.  It is so exciting to be teaching an Acrylic workshop in Texas. The first week went very well - we explored the flexibility of acrylic in a jump start exercise - non-representational abstract on a small canvas. The students were all keen and did extremely well.

Each subsequent week we focused on the different ways to put "paint on paper" using acrylics - wet-on-wet, translucent, and opaque on a gesso base .                                         Below are some student photos...