Landscape Paintings

I paint a lot of landscapes - mostly in acrylic.  I start with a plan, a direction in mind, but pre-recorded mindscapes creep in to influence the final result. As the paint covers the paper I adapt to the medium; I adjust to capture the feeling I want to express.

Long Road Home
Cloudy Day

Muskoka Forest

Jagged Edge

A River Runs Through It

Spring Thaw

Golden Reflection

These paintings are done in watercolour.  Sometimes I enjoy the difference.  It is so much fun.

Mountain Stream

Winter Walk

I do not like winter, but I find that I do enjoy painting winter scenes....

Calm before the Storm

Windy Day

Feel the Chill

 Below is the finished painting from the Knowledge Network Symposium...

These pictures were painted in Texas and reflect the landscape of "hill country".

Distant Hills - Painted as a demo at workshop in Texas