Saturday, April 16, 2011


Have you ever painted on a wall -  outside in the sunshine?  If not, you should try it!  My good friend Sharon asked me to help her with this project for Pat and Tony.  Tony provided a photo he had taken in Santorini and said he would like us to paint it on a tiled wall on his patio.  We really did not know where to start, but we were definitely up for the challenge. We planned, we drew, we traced and we painted.  We were in Sun City, outside in the beautiful sunshine.  Tony plied us with wine. Two friends, creating together - life doesn't get any better than that. 

                 Sharon and Pat at the "Unveiling Party"


Web Site Admin said...

Looks lovely! Sounds fun.

mmefford61 said...

Hi Pat,

I'm impressed with the ability to paint at such a low level. Did you have to paint from your knees and sitting down? Please send me an email; I tried using your email address and it bounced.

Mike M